Review of Accreditation Standards for Primary Medical Programs (Medical Schools)

The review is currently in its first phase.


Important news

The AMC is now consulting on the first phase of review; the scope and direction of change. Feedback is due by 11 June 2021..


April 2021 – Formal consultation on the scope of the review


About the review

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is reviewing the approved accreditation standards for primary medical programs. The current accreditation standards are available on the AMC’s website here. The accredited programs and medical schools are listed on the AMC’s website here.

The review is being undertaken in the context of AMC work across related areas, in particular:

  • The AMC’s review of the National Framework for Medical Internship, on behalf of the Medical Board of Australia, which includes potential extension of the framework to the second year post graduation ( PGY2). The latest news on the framework review can be found on the AMC’s website here.
  • The AMC’s work on improving the health of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori people through culturally safe practice.
  • A joint project with the Australian Digital Health Agency about developing a digital capabilities framework for medical practitioners. Further information about this project can be found on the AMC’s website here.

The AMC recognises that responding to the impact of COVID-19 has presented both challenges and opportunities for education providers and for some, prompted changes in relationships with local health services. It is an opportune time to reflect on the standards and consider what changes might be needed to ensure that they remain fit for the future.

The AMC undertakes broad consultations so that proposals are informed by a wide range of views from all stakeholders in the medical education process including education providers, learners, health services, the medical profession, jurisdictions, health consumers and the community, and other health professions. The consultation approach is iterative and responsive to the feedback received.

In this first consultation, the AMC is seeking feedback on how the standards should evolve to ensure that medical graduates continue to have the knowledge, skills and professional attributes to practice safely and competently. Stakeholder are invited to comment on the major drivers shaping the review of the standards and how the structure and content of the standards might be revised in response to those drivers.

Further consultation/s may be required to refine the scope of the review in particular areas. One or more written consultations will be conducted as detailed proposals emerge. Face to face or video meetings will be used to supplement written consultations.

Workshops: including cultural safety and culturally safe practise within the accreditation standards

A series of workshops with the Leaders in Medical Education Network, the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation are being run in parallel with this consultation to develop thinking on how to update the standards to include cultural safety and culturally safe practise. The workshops will cover both this review and the review of the National Framework for Prevocational Training, to ensure that the graduate outcomes and intern outcomes continue to align and that the framework documents and standards for medical schools form a coherent set of standards. You can read about the review of the National Framework for Prevocational Training here.


Review governance

The AMC is the accreditation authority for the medical profession under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law as in force in each state and territory.

The AMC develops accreditation standards for medical programs and their education providers on behalf of the Medical Board of Australia. The Board approves the accreditation standards for the medical profession.

These standards are then used by the AMC to assess medical programs for accreditation and to monitoring the accredited programs and providers.

The Medical Council New Zealand also approves the standards for the medical profession in New Zealand and the AMC accreditation processes for primary medical qualifications apply across Australian and New Zealand medical schools.

The AMC has established a working group to undertake the review. It includes members from Australia and New Zealand drawn from: medical education providers, peak professional bodies, medical students, prevocational training, health services, health consumers as well as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and Māori people. The working group reports to both the Medical School Accreditation Committee and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Māori Committee.

Membership of the Standards Review Working Group is available here.

For further information please contact Brooke Pearson (Accreditation Officer, Medical School Accreditation) at