The Australian Medical Council is an organisation whose work impacts across the lands of Australia and New Zealand.

The Australian Medical Council acknowledges the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the original Australians and the Māori People as the tangata whenua (Indigenous) Peoples of Aotearoa (New Zealand). We recognise them as the traditional custodians of knowledge for these lands.

We pay our respects to them and to their Elders, both past, present and emerging, and we recognise their enduring connection to the lands we live and work on, and honour their ongoing connection to those lands, its waters and sky.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices and names of people who have passed away.

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The AMC CAT MCQ Examination is a computer-administered fully integrated multi-choice question examination delivered in one 3.5 hour session in examination centres worldwide. 


AMC CAT MCQ content

The examination consists of 150 multiple choice questions where there is one correct response from five options. 

The content covers essential medical knowledge including: 

  • the disease process 
  • clinical examination and diagnosis 
  • investigation, therapy and management. 

You are expected to complete all 150 scored items in the examination.  

Indigenous Health

We recommend you visit the AMC Indigenous Health webpage to learn about the commitment of the AMC to promoting Indigenous Health by ensuring culturally safe practice to improve health outcomes.

Access to the AMC CAT MCQ Examinations

You may not be able to sit the AMC CAT MCQ examination if you have primary residency in a country sanctioned by the United States Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). 

The AMC CAT MCQ examination is delivered by Pearson VUE, a United States registered company, who must comply with the economic and trade sanctions enforced by OFAC. This means they may not be able to accept your scheduling request unless you can provide proof of primary residency in a non-sanctioned country. 

View the current sanctions on the OFAC website.

How to apply

You must apply via your AMC candidate account for an authorisation. This authorisation is valid for 12 months to schedule an AMC CAT MCQ examination event. 

You will then be required to schedule a specific venue directly with Pearson VUE to sit the AMC CAT MCQ. 

Examination events and scheduling

To find information on scheduling, examination dates and venue identity requirements click here.

Examination venues

Pearson VUE conduct the CAT MCQ examination on behalf of the Australian Medical Council (AMC). AMC CAT MCQ examination events are held at various venues in Australia and other countries. The Pearson VUE test centres which administer AMC CAT MCQ examinations have been selected based on the high security standards which are enforced.

Please see attached link for a list of examination venues.

At all venues, candidates must arrive at least 30 minutes before the appointment time.

Preparing for the AMC CAT MCQ examination

To prepare for this examination it is recommended that you: 

  1. Read the MCQ Examination Specifications booklet. This provides information on the CAT blueprint and format. 
  2. Take the AMC CAT MCQ online trial examination. 

The AMC CAT MCQ trial examination 

There are 50 multiple choice questions. The standard of the examination is set at the level of a graduating Australian medical student. 

Personal items

Any personal items brought to the examination venue must be left in the allocated storage area. This includes bags and mobile phones.  

Mobile phones must be turned off before being stored. 

Food and drink are not permitted in the examination room. 

You are not allowed to take any of the following items into the examination: 

  • tissues  
  • paper of any kind 
  • pens/pencils 
  • rulers. 

A whiteboard and pen will be provided for you to make notes, these will be collected at the end of the examination. 

Family members are not allowed in the examination venue and must wait outside the building. 

Conduct of candidates

It is expected that during the examination, you: 

  • Comply with the MCQ Examination Specifications. 
  • Conduct yourself in a courteous manner with examination centre staff, employees or agents of the AMC and other candidates.  
  • Comply with all instructions of the MCQ examination staff.  

Failure to do so constitutes a breach of examination procedures and may lead to one or more of the following: 

  • your result not being awarded or withdrawn. 
  • being excluded from the examination.  
  • being refused the opportunity to sit future examinations. 

If you cross professional boundaries while undertaking the AMC CAT MCQ examination you may be subject to disciplinary action by regulatory authorities. 

Technical Issues

The AMC CAT MCQ examination is computer-administered, and so extraordinary events such as power outages, computer malfunctions or network difficulty may disrupt the examination process. The AMC will take into account extenuating circumstances. 

Where technical issues prevent you from completing the examination, the AMC MCQ Results Panel may conduct a statistical analysis of responses to determine whether the partial results reliably reflect the candidate’s ability. 

If no conclusion can be made from the completed responses, the AMC CAT MCQ Results Panel may order a new examination be undertaken. No additional fee is charged for this new examination. The AMC is not responsible for any other associated expenses such as travel costs. 

Examination results

You can access your AMC CAT MCQ Examination results through your online AMC candidate account. 

Your results will be available at 9.00am on the Thursday, four weeks following the examination event.  

To access your examination results: 

  1. Log onto your AMC candidate account 
  2. Select MCQ Results (at the top of the menu list) 
  3. Select the examination under the Details column 

The AMC CAT MCQ Examination results are processed and issued by the AMC, not Pearson VUE. 

Should you have any questions please contact the AMC MCQ Team. 

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