Clinical Examination Appeals Policy – Effective from 15 March 2021

The AMC has revised the Clinical Examination Appeals Policy which is effective for examinations delivered after 15 March 2021. With revising the policy, the AMC remains a leader in innovation of assessment delivery by providing examination candidates with an opportunity to appeal examination station results with the use of examination video and audio recordings where available.

The AMC first implemented this technology and approach following the opening of the AMC National Test Centre in 2013/14. The revised policy will further streamline the application and operational processes for undertaking and completing examination appeals. The approach has been designed to help support candidates by reducing the amount of time taken to finalise appeal applications. The revised policy removes the previous 3 stages of appeal with the following;

  • Administrative review to ensure video and audio are suitable and check if exam specifications/procedures have been followed
  • Re-marking by one ‘re-marking examiner’
  • Possible re-marking by a second and final ‘re-marking examiner’ if the first ‘re-marking examiner’ identifies a difference from the original result (Fail to pass).

The revised fee amounts for the revised policy are based on the previous fee structure with the different stages of appeals and related fees consolidated to match the new policy and processes.

The policy revision is being implemented as a further response by the AMC to the COVID-19 pandemic and the commencement of the AMCs online clinical examination delivery. This innovation will also support the further development of AMC assessment in the future.