Fees and charges

Fees listed are in Australian dollars and are free of GST.

Assessment pathway application fees AUD $
Establish an AMC portfolio (including 1 x qualification) 500
Add additional qualification/s to your AMC portfolio (fee is payable for each qualification added) 40
Refund structure if portfolio / added qualification is cancelled or deemed not to be required:

  • Application received, but not assessed yet
  • Full refund
  • Application received and assessed without any EPIC status/es processed
  • $250 refund
  • Application received, assessed and EPIC status/es processed
  • No refund
  • Added qualification received, but not assessed yet
  • Full refund
  • Added qualification received, and assessed without any EPIC status processed
  • $20 refund
  • Added qualification received, assessed and EPIC status processed
  • No refund
    CAT MCQ examination fees AUD $
    CAT MCQ examination authorisation 2,720
    Reissue of results 70
    Verification of CAT MCQ examination results 75
    Cancellation of CAT MCQ examination authorisation 1,360
    Clinical examination fees AUD $
    Clinical examination 3,530
    Clinical retest examination 2,000
    Reissue of results 70
    Appeal fee 215
    Workplace based assessment fees AUD $
    Workplace based assessment 650
    Certificate fees AUD $
    AMC Certificate (Competent Authority Pathway) 300
    Reissue of AMC Certificate 70
    Copy of Advanced Standing Certificate 70
    Reprint of EICS Certificate 70