AMC Clinical Examination

AMC Clinical Examination

The telephone contact hours for enquiries related to assessments are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. Alternatively, you can direct your email enquiries to

The AMC Clinical Examination is an integrated multidisciplinary structured clinical assessment consisting of a 16-component multistation assessment. It assesses clinical skills in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics and psychiatry. It also assesses ability to communicate with patients, their families and other health workers.

If you have passed the AMC MCQ Examination, you are eligible to apply for the AMC Clinical Examination.

The dates for the Clinical examinations are found on this website, please click here. There are specified examination dates and defined closing dates. All final dates are subject to change. In the case of any changes to examination dates, the AMC will notify candidates well in advance in order for candidates to be able to apply for alternative dates.

Clinical examinations are now held at the Australian Medical Council’s Vernon C Marshall National Test Centre (NTC) in Melbourne.

Clinical examinations are held on both weekdays and Saturdays throughout the year. This allows candidates with religious convictions to schedule in either a weekday or weekend examination.

You may only apply for one Clinical examination at a time. If you have been scheduled for a Clinical examination, you may not re-apply for another Clinical examination until you have received your results from the scheduled examination.

Changes to the Clinical Examination Scheduling Process

Recently, the AMC was required to cancel clinical examinations due to a significant number of candidates scheduling for examinations but not accepting the AMC offer of examination placements. For example, in the August and September months, all the available clinical examination positions were oversubscribed by candidates. However, only 58% of candidates who applied and scheduled for specific examination dates accepted the AMC offer of placements. This resulted in the need to cancel examinations.

As a result, the AMC is currently updating the scheduling process for candidates to schedule online for AMC Clinical examinations. With the next release of scheduling dates due in August 2018, initial developments will be completed with further enhancements continuing on subsequent scheduling release dates for 2019 examinations onwards.

The initial developments and updated scheduling process will allow candidates to view available examination dates on the AMC website as they are released.

For the October – December 2018 Clinical examinations, the AMC will release the examination dates as below. Please note that further examination dates will only be released once exam placements in the open available dates have been filled –

All Clinical scheduling opens at 10:00am AEST

Exams Open Scheduling Close Scheduling
October Exams 22 August 27 August
November Exams 28 August 3 September
December Exams 4 September 10 September

The above dates are the remaining Clinical examinations for 2018. Should the October – December examinations be oversubscribed, the AMC may include additional examinations in February 2019.

To confirm, the new scheduling process includes –

  • Enhancements to the candidate portal and the availability of information, which has been designed to assist and improve the candidate experience when scheduling for clinical examinations. Please note scheduling is on a first come first serve basis as candidates apply through their candidate portal.

  • Candidates will be able to view the morning and afternoon sessions for each available examination date. Once an examination is open for scheduling, candidates can directly apply for their preferred examination date and make payment by credit card. Please note payment of the examination fee is ONLY accepted by credit card.

  • Once payment has been successfully processed, a placement letter and receipt confirming candidate examination details will be available immediately to download from the candidate portal.

If you require assistance or have questions regarding the scheduling process, please email or, call the direct candidate line on 02 6270 7878 (Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm). For information regarding examination dates please click here .

Important note: Clinical examination dates are subject to change or cancellation.