AMC external reviews

AMC-commissioned external review

In 2013, the Australian Medical Council commissioned an international panel to review the AMC’s structure, function, and place within the Australian medical education, training and accreditation landscape.

Technical reviews of AMC accreditation of medical programs and the AMC’s assessment of international medical graduates informed into the review.

The conclusions of the external review can be read in the executive summary and recommendations produced by the panel. The AMC has also published a AMC Response to External Review’s Main Findings.


AMC recognition by the World Federation for Medical Education

In 2017, the AMC completed the World Federation for Medical Education’s recognition process. Through this process, WFME evaluates the legal standing, accreditation process and standards, post-accreditation monitoring, and decision-making processes of an accreditation agency for programs or schools of basic medical education.

The WFME recognition team considered a detailed submission from the AMC addressing the WFME recognition criteria and observed some typical accreditation activities and decision making processes of the AMC.

As a result, WFME found that the AMC met all the recognition criteria and granted the AMC recognition for a ten-year period, to 31 January 2028, with no conditions on the AMC’s recognition status. The AMC reports regularly to WFME on its continued compliance with the recognition criteria.

The WFME Recognition Report on the AMC is available here.