WDOMS replacing IMED on 1 June 2016 / AMC Pathways & Eligible Schools

The AMC has been recently advised that FAIMER are targeting 1 June 2016 as an official launch date for the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

The WDOMS service will replace FAIMER’s IMED (International Medical Education Directory) service. In conjunction with this launch, FAIMER is aiming to retire the IMED service. IMED web pages will be automatically redirected either to the WDOMS website or to a page on the FAIMER website that describes WDOMS and explains the transition.

Previously, International Medical Graduates applying for AMC assessment pathways could check the IMED service to identify eligible schools and qualifications that are recognized as acceptable to apply to the AMC.

As WDOMS is a more comprehensive service than IMED and now includes qualifications that are not recognized by the AMC as being eligible for AMC assessment pathways, the AMC has developed a new AMC website service to assist international medical graduates to easily identify eligible schools and qualifications.

International Medical Graduates who have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery and who wish to apply for an AMC assessment pathway can now use a new search tool service on the AMC website that allows applicants to search for eligible schools and qualifications by country of training. The service includes links to the WDOMS website page for each individually recognised school.

It is important to note the basis for recognising eligible qualifications has not changed. Simply, the service available to check eligibility is changing (and improving).