Stakeholder consultation on the review of the Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) Guidelines – update August 2014

The Australian Medical Council consulted on the review of the guidelines and approval criteria for the Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interviews (PESCI) earlier this year and is grateful for the stakeholder contribution to this review.

The AMC received comments on the revisions from 18 organisations and individuals. The feedback indicated overall support for the proposed revisions and the division of the document into Part A: PESCI Guidelines and Part B: Criteria for approval of PESCI providers with further reordering and expansion of the approval criteria.

In addition to clarifying wording where feedback suggested this was required, the AMC has made further changes as a result of the feedback including:

  • In the PESCI Guidelines:
    • Replacing the risk matrix included in the previous guidelines with notes on the factors to consider in determining the degree of risk of a position
    • Expanding section 4 of the guidelines which indicate when a PESCI is required and removing section 5 on when a PESCI is not required
    • In section 6, adding additional information on the Medical Board of Australia’s responsibilities.
  • In the Criteria for AMC approval of PESCI providers:
    • Specifying that a minimum of four clinical scenarios are included in the PESCI
    • Emphasising that the interviews should explore performance and capacity not only knowledge
    • Addressing questions about supervision guidelines by referring to Medical Board of Australia guidelines.
    • Increasing the timeframe for PESCI providers to return feedback reports to applicants from 7 to 14 days.
    • Streamlining the requirements for annual reports from approved PESCI providers to the AMC.

As this review has been the joint work of the AMC and the Medical Board of Australia, the AMC has submitted a revised version of the Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview Guidelines and Criteria for AMC approval of PESCI providers to the Medical Board of Australia for its approval. The revised guidelines and procedures together with the PESCI report to the Medical Board of Australia and the PESCI Outcome report to the interviewee will be placed on the AMC website when these processes are complete. The new guidelines and approval criteria will apply from 1 January 2015.

The AMC is developing a schedule for progress reporting for providers which will provide information on the date for the first annual progress report and the annual reporting requirements. The matters to be addressed in the report are outlined in the Approval Criteria (Part B of the document).

Once the Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview Guidelines and Criteria for AMC approval of PESCI providers and templates are finalised they will be circulated to stakeholders and placed on this website. The AMC will correspond separately with providers to set progress reporting schedules and to provide a template for progress reporting.