Specialist Pathway – Area of need

International medical graduates (IMGs) apply directly to the relevant specialist medical college for the Specialist Pathway using a college-specific application form available on the college website.

A list of the colleges is available on the Medical Board of Australia (the Board) website.

The IMG must apply:

IMGs who have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery from a training institution recognised by the AMC and have satisfied all the training and examination requirements to practise in their field of specialty in their country of training, can apply for assessment under this pathway (specialist recognition or area of need).

Area of need is determined by the relevant state or territory health authority (neither the AMC, nor the specialist medical college, nor the Board has any role in determining which areas are designated area of need).

IMGs working in an area of need should apply to the Board for registration in the relevant category.

If a position is approved as an area of need position, the employer matches applicants for area of need positions against the position description and selection criteria, and selects a suitable applicant. The applicant and the employer complete the relevant documentation, including the visa application, where necessary.