Online Clinical examinations – Scheduling update and notice for IMGs

The AMC has been receiving strong expressions of interest from eligible candidates who would like to attempt the AMC online clinical examination as soon as possible.

The AMC has now completed significant development and testing of the online clinical examination, including the successful delivery of two pilot examinations with international medical graduates on the 5th and 12th March. The AMC will now deliver examinations commencing tomorrow on the 16th and 17th March 2021.

We are excited to have recommenced the examinations with the online delivery approach to support international medical graduates progressing toward registration and practice in Australia. The pilot examinations held on the 5th and 12th March, and the examinations scheduled on the 16th and 17th March all provide participating international medical graduates with an opportunity to pass the examination and qualify for the awarding of the AMC Certificate.

While there has been a lot of interest from international medical graduates to attempt the examinations as soon as possible, the reality is the overwhelming majority of candidates have not been accepting available examination places. The four examinations scheduled in late March 2021 were not able to be filled with 86% of available examination places remaining empty.

As a result, the AMC will conduct the online clinical examination as scheduled on 16th and 17th March and will not conduct further examinations in March. This will provide candidates with more opportunity to prepare for the examinations. Candidates will shortly be offered examination places from April to June 2021.

As previously communicated, candidates who were scheduled in the postponed examinations in 2020 will receive priority scheduling based on the date and chronological order of their originally scheduled examination. To be eligible, candidates must not have withdrawn their position and must still be residing in Australia. The scheduling is expected to be released this week commencing 15 March 2021.

If examination places between April and June 2021 cannot be filled with the prioritised candidates from 2020, the AMC will make the positions available to all eligible candidates residing in Australia. This scheduling will be released in the week commencing 22 March 2021. Consideration of priority will also be provided to eligible candidates who urgently need to attempt the examination with regard to pending Ahpra registration or other requirements.

Through consultation and listening to the feedback of international medical graduates, the AMC considers this to be a fair process that prioritises candidates from the postponed 2020 examinations as well as offering an opportunity as soon as possible to other candidates who are eligible and want to attempt the examination.

Candidates are reminded the online examination logistically takes longer to deliver than the in-person examinations. Candidates should schedule a full day to attempt the examination and allow for more time for admissions and other processes that take longer with the online environment.
The AMC is currently also working to deliver the examination to eligible overseas candidates. At this stage, the priority is to provide the examination to eligible candidates residing in Australia to assist with their progress toward registration and practice in Australia. This is currently scheduled as a possibility from July 2021 with work underway to confirm the potential dates and approach.

For further information please contact the AMC Clinical Section via our Contact Form.