National Framework for Prevocational
(PGY1 & PGY2) Medical Training

The AMC is conducting a comprehensive review of all the elements of the National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training (formerly, National Framework for Medical Internship) in 2019 – 2021.

A summary of the revised two-year framework and packages of work is provided below:

More information on the process of the Review can be found here

A summary of the review status and phases is provided below:

Stakeholders in this review include:

Phase 1 – Complete

In 2019 the AMC formed the scope of the review through the process described below.

The AMC formally consulted on the scope of the review in October and November of 2019. The scope was confirmed in April 2020 and feedback gathered will be used to inform the detailed review and development phase.

Phase 2 – Complete

In 2020 the AMC has commenced phase 2 of the review. The detailed review phase will include review and further development of framework documents based on feedback from Phase 1 and consultation on proposed changes. A summary of the revised two-year framework and packages of work to be completed is provided below:

Phase 3 – In Progress

In 2022 the AMC will commence phase 3 of the review. This phase is focused on preparation for implementation will include communication, stakeholder engagement and resource development. Clear preparation milestones will be set for this phase.

The latest news in the Framework Review can be found here.

Stakeholder engagement

The AMC review approach includes opportunities to consult and engage with stakeholders. Opportunities for stakeholder engagement in this review will include through national forums, formal consultation periods and a broad representative Reference Group for targeted consultation.

The AMC welcomes opportunities to engage with stakeholders through attendance at meetings and forums.

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