Australian Medical Council Accreditation Update: Primary medical programs

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is the national accreditation body for the medical profession. In an accreditation assessment the AMC assesses medical programs against the Standards for Assessment and Accreditation of Primary Medical Programs by the Australian Medical Council (2012).


In the penultimate year of an education provider’s accreditation period, the AMC sets up an expert accreditation team, which reviews documentation provided by the education provider, and completes a program of site visits and meetings. This team provides a report on the extent to which education providers programs continue to meet the AMC’s standards so that the AMC can make a reaccreditation assessment.

The AMC recently completed the reaccreditation assessment of the following medical programs:


Deakin University, Faculty of Health, School of Medicine Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery

Accreditation granted until 31 March 2021

Doctor of Medicine

Accreditation granted until 31 March 2025


Outcomes of the assessments are detailed in the education provider’s accreditation report on the AMC website here.

The AMC presented the accreditation decisions noted above to the Medical Board of Australia for decision on the approval of the programs of study for registration purposes. A list of the approved programs of study is available on the Board’s website.

A complete list of primary medical programs accredited by the AMC is available on the AMC website.