Workplace based assessment

Some IMGs in the Standard Pathway can have their clinical skills and knowledge assessed in the workplace by AMC-accredited providers as an alternative to the AMC Clinical Examination. However, the program currently has limited availability, with a range of assessment programs available. The AMC is not responsible for securing employment for workplace based assessment.

Workplace based assessment of your performance in everyday clinical practice in the Australian healthcare setting tracks your progress in integrating clinical knowledge and skills as a basis for safe and effective clinical judgments and decision making. It also assesses how well you deal with patients and whether you work productively in a team of healthcare professionals.

The content and the assessment standard of accredited workplace based assessment programs are approved by the AMC and overseen by members of the AMC Board of Examiners, who ensure that the format and content of the assessments are consistent with the required standard.

The assessment methods for workplace based assessment programs are rigorous and structured. Disciplines covered include medicine and surgery; obstetrics and gynaecology; paediatrics; and psychiatry.


Before you can take part in a workplace based performance assessment, you must have passed the AMC CAT MCQ Examination and been granted limited registration by the Medical Board of Australia. You need limited registration to be employed in an approved clinical position for workplace based assessment.