MCQ examination procedures

You must read the Pearson VUE Professional Examination Rules (PDF 28KB) before entering the AMC MCQ examination venue.

Personal items

Do not bring the following items to the MCQ examination event:

  • tissues (e.g. Kleenex)
  • paper of any kind
  • pens/pencils
  • rulers.

Mobile phones must be switched off and placed in the allocated area of the room.

Bags must be placed in the allocated area of the room.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the computer examination room.

The venue will provide a whiteboard and pen for making notes. The whiteboard will be collected by examination supervisors at the completion of the examination.

Family members are not allowed to wait in the examination venue. They must wait outside the building of the examination venue.

Candidates undertaking the AMC MCQ examination event must review the information in the MCQ Examination Specifications booklet.

Conduct of candidates

Candidates are expected to conduct themselves courteously in examinations, correspondence and in personal contact with examination centre staff, employees or agents of the AMC and other candidates. Candidates whose conduct is disruptive, or is considered by the AMC to have been outside the bounds of reasonable and decent behaviour, may be excluded from the examination and/or refused the opportunity to sit future AMC examinations.

All candidates must comply with the instructions of MCQ examination staff during examinations. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of examination procedures and may result in the candidate being excluded from the examination or refused the opportunity to sit future examinations.

A doctor who crosses professional boundaries while undertaking the AMC MCQ examination may be guilty of professional misconduct and may be investigated and subjected to disciplinary action by regulatory authorities.

The AMC regards the security and reliability of the examinations as a matter of utmost importance and has developed comprehensive policies as detailed in the MCQ Examination Specifications booklet, breach of which may well result in a result not being awarded or withdrawn and a candidate being refused further examination.

Technical issues

As the AMC MCQ Examination is computer-administered, the AMC and the computer vendor will make every effort to ensure a smooth and orderly examination administration. However, the AMC will take into account extraordinary circumstances beyond its control, such as a significant power outage, computer malfunctions or network difficulty.

Where technical issues prevent a candidate from completing the examination under standard conditions, the AMC Board of Directors may review the results of the quality assurance procedures and the statistical analyses of candidate responses to determine whether the results obtained by a candidate reliably reflect their true level of ability. The Board of Directors may also order a new examination to be undertaken. No additional examination fee will be charged.

The AMC will not be responsible for any other costs associated with the examination, including travel costs.