MCQ examination events

Pearson VUE provides the venues for the AMC MCQ Examination and controls the online scheduling for AMC candidates to obtain an examination event appointment.

The 12-month authorisation allows you to select the most suitable MCQ examination event. You can change examination events and venues without penalty before the closing date for the event, but no changes will be allowed after the closing date.


Once you have received an email from Pearson VUE confirming your authorisation, you may schedule for an AMC MCQ examination event by selecting one of the following options:

  • Pearson VUE online candidate scheduling system
  • Pearson VUE Contact Centres.

You can schedule into only one of the MCQ examination events covered in your authorisation. Some examination venues have very limited seat capacity, so places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. It is vital that you schedule immediately after you have received your authorisation notification.

Once you have scheduled your examination event with Pearson VUE, the AMC will email you an official AMC placement letter. This letter may be helpful for obtaining a travel visa (if required).

Rescheduling or cancelling

You may withdraw from and reschedule your MCQ examination event or venue selection before the event closing date, provided there is a seat available in your preferred venue. No applications for withdrawing or rescheduling will be accepted after the closing date. If you do not withdraw from and/or reschedule before the closing date you will forfeit your authorisation and payment.

The AMC will accept a cancellation of an authorisation only in exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances include:

  • a medical illness or injury which prevents a candidate from sitting a MCQ examination within their 12-month authorisation period—documentary evidence in the form of a medical certificate is required
  • domestic circumstances which prevents a candidate from sitting an MCQ examination within their 12-month authorisation period—documentary evidence in the form of a statutory declaration or affidavit stating why you are unable to sit a MCQ examination within your 12-month authorisation period is required.

You must send the documentary evidence to the AMC attached to the Cancellation of Authorisation form. To obtain this form, send a request via our Contact Form.

The available MCQ examination dates are listed below. Use the scroll bar to see more.

Proof of identity requirements

You must provide two forms of identity (ID) documentation to enter the examination venue:

  • The primary identity document must contain your photograph and signature.
  • The secondary identity document must contain your signature.

Acceptable primary ID documents (photo and signature) include:

  • drivers licence
  • passport
  • state/county identification card
  • alien registration card (green card, permanent residents visa).

Standard secondary ID documents (signature) include:

  • credit card, bank/ATM card
  • US social security card
  • any primary ID as listed above.

Both your primary and secondary ID documents must contain your signature and your primary ID document must also contain your photograph.

You will be required to present your ID documentation at reception. Failure to do so may result in your being denied entry to the examination.

You must complete the biometrics process to confirm your identification. You will not be allowed in the examination room until the process is complete. The biometrics procedure steps are:

  • You provide the required primary and secondary ID documentation.
  • Testing centre staff check your ID documentation.
  • Testing centre staff capture your signature and verify that signatures match.
  • Testing centre staff capture your photograph.
  • Testing centre staff usher you to examination room.

You need to have your primary and secondary ID documentation with you when seated at a computer to be admitted to the examination.

The AMC no longer issues ID entrance tickets to candidates. All candidates must complete the biometrics process to confirm their identification.