AMC CAT MCQ Examination FAQs


What is an MCQ authorisation?

When submitting an application with payment, you are issued with an authorisation to schedule for one AMC CAT MCQ Examination event covered in the specified MCQ authorisation period. You are also issued with a receipt and list of examination event dates into which you can schedule. The authorisation covers a 12-month period starting from the time of payment. You must schedule and undertake one of the MCQ examination events within your authorisation period. Failure to do so will result in you forfeiting the fee.

How do I get an MCQ authorisation?

You can apply online via the candidates portal.

What is the cost of an MCQ authorisation?

All fees are listed on the fees and charges page.

What are the dates and venues for the AMC CAT MCQ examinations?

All dates are listed on the AMC website. All venues can be found on the Pearson VUE website.

The AMC may include additional AMC CAT MCQ Examination dates throughout a calendar year. Therefore, it is important that you view the AMC website to be informed of any additional dates that you may not have been initially informed about in your MCQ authorisation period.

Can a candidate reschedule their MCQ examination?

A candidate can reschedule their current AMC CAT MCQ Examination as long as it is before the closing date. Once a closing date has passed, rescheduling, cancellations or extensions will not be permitted. To reschedule a CAT MCQ examination, the candidate will have to contact Pearson VUE to reschedule for another examination date and/or venue.

Can I get an extension on my authorisation?

The AMC does not give extensions for authorisations. Candidates have a 12-month authorisation period in which to sit an AMC CAT MCQ Examination, which provides sufficient time to sort out any visa issues, and/or to reschedule.

Can I cancel my authorisation?

A candidate may cancel their authorisation, but only under exceptional circumstances. The MCQ Examinations Manager must approve every cancellation, and only if the cancellation application has supporting documentation, (a statutory declaration explaining why you must cancel or a medical certificate with the medical condition stated for the reason of cancellation). A cancellation fee will apply. All fees are listed on the website.


How do I apply for a visa for entry to Australia?

The AMC does is not responsible for visas. If you are outside Australia, you must contact an Australian Embassy or High Commission.

The 12-month authorisation period provides candidates with sufficient time to not only schedule and sit an AMC CAT MCQ Examination, but also to obtain a visa.

The MCQ section cannot advise on any visa issues. If your visa has still be granted by the closing date of the current scheduled AMC CAT MCQ Examination, you may reschedule your examination. The AMC does not allow cancellation of an authorisation due to visa issues or delays. For further information, visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Identification for MCQ examinations

I haven’t received my entrance ticket yet.

The AMC no longer issues entrance tickets to candidates for AMC CAT MCQ Examination.

What identity documentation do I need to take to the examination?

The email from Pearson VUE and the AMC website state the required identification needed to sit the AMC CAT MCQ Examination.


When will my results be available to me?

Candidate results will be available to download from their candidate portal at 9.00am on the Thursday, four weeks following their AMC CAT MCQ Examination. This is in accordance with the process notified at results

Can I verify my results?

If you wish to apply for a verification of your examination you will need to log on to your AMC portal account. On the results page, you will find a link to the payment page. The AMC CAT MCQ Examination verification fees are available on the fees and charges web page – can submit an application for verification of results up to 4 weeks from the date the results are released. Applications for verification of results must be submitted within this period. After the 4 week period, verification applications will be processed. The outcome will then be emailed within 7-10 business days.

Can I get a copy of my results?
You can request a duplicate copy of your results if your results are not available in your portal account. To obtain a copy you are required to email the MCQ section and complete a Request for duplicate copies of results form.

How long are my results valid for?

Once you have passed the AMC CAT MCQ Examination, your results will remain valid indefinitely. Your AMC CAT MCQ examination result will never expire.

MCQ online trial examination

Where can I sit a trial MCQ examination?

A trial MCQ examination is available on the AMC website.

How often are the questions changed on the trial exam?

The trial examination is updated four times a year.

How much does it cost to do the MCQ trial examination?

The AMC is developing new software to improve the current online MCQ Trial Examination.
During this development period, the AMC is waiving the fee of $25 for the online MCQ Trial Examination and making the trial free.


Who is Pearson VUE?

Pearson VUE is the venue provider for the AMC CAT MCQ Examination. Pearson VUE also controls the online scheduling for AMC candidates to obtain an examination event appointment.