AMC Clinical Examination FAQs

How do I find out when Clinical examinations are held and when applications open and close?

All available Clinical examination dates are found at Clinical Examination, Scheduling and exam dates.

How do I apply for the Clinical examination?

Apply online through the AMC Candidates Portal.

When can I apply for the Clinical examination?

Once you have passed the MCQ examination you are eligible to apply for the Clinical examination, provided all eligibility criteria have been met.

What is the examination fee?

The current examination fees are available on the fees and charges web page.

How many Clinical examination positions are available in each calendar year?

About 2,500 places are available in each calendar year.

Why is the wait so long and why are available positions limited?

Currently there is no wait time to get a placement in the AMC Clinical examination and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

How long is my MCQ result valid for?

There is no time limit on any part of the AMC examination process.

What is the scheduling process for the examination?

The Clinical examination scheduling process includes –

    • Scheduling is on a first come first serve basis as candidates apply through the candidate portal.


    • Candidates will be able log into their candidate portal and view the morning and afternoon sessions for each available examination date. Once an examination is open for scheduling, candidates can directly apply for their preferred examination date and make payment by credit card. Please note payment of the examination fee is ONLY accepted by credit card.


    • Once payment has been successfully processed, a placement letter and receipt confirming candidate examination details will be available immediately to download from the candidate portal.


Can I apply for the Clinical examination via a paper form?

Paper applications for the Clinical examination are not available.

How will I know if my application was correctly submitted online?

Your Candidate portal status will change to – Scheduled in a Clinical examination. Your placement letter and payment receipt will be available to download after confirmation of payment transfer.

How do I make payment?

After you have scheduled your position online you will be prompted to a payment screen where you will be able to make the payment by credit card.

What if I can’t make payment immediately or on time?

You will have 15 minutes to process your payment by using a credit card otherwise your placement will be forfeited.

Will I receive a receipt for my payment and the Placement letter?

Yes. If your payment is successful you will be able to download your payment receipt and the Placement letter through your AMC candidate portal.

What should I do if I am unable to download my Placement letter or payment receipt for the Clinical examination?

You should contact the AMC Clinical Examination Section using the Contact Form,  for your Placement letter or payment receipt to be sent through email.

Can I apply for two examinations at a time?

No. The new online scheduling system will not allow you to make more than one application at a time.

What is the AMC doing to reduce the waiting period?

We have reviewed the AMC Clinical Examination to streamline the format and accommodate more candidates. In the past 10 years, we have doubled the number of candidates examined per year.

If I fail, how long will I have to wait before I can sit again?

Once you have received your results from the scheduled examination, you can apply for the next available Clinical Examination at which you wish to appear.

If I withdraw from the AMC Clinical Examination, will it count against me in future series?


How do I place myself on the cancellation list?

Once the examination placements have been filled, the AMC will compile a cancellation list. To be put on this list, candidates must email via the Contact Form. (Please note telephone requests will not be accepted).
In the event that a candidate is unable to proceed with their examination, candidates on the cancellation list will be contacted to fill the available position. The cancellation list does not guarantee an examination placement and is only valid for the month that is open for scheduling.

What if I want to change the Clinical examination date after confirmation of my placement?

The AMC does not allow transfers to alternate examination dates; however you can withdraw from the Clinical examination any time prior to the examination – fees will apply.

How do I apply for the withdrawal from the Clinical examination?

In order to withdraw from the Clinical examination you are required to complete the Clinical Examination withdrawal form and send it back to the AMC prior to the examination.

If I withdraw from the AMC Clinical Examination, will I get any refund?

Once you have been scheduled in the Clinical examination and then subsequently withdraw, there will be no refund – except in an exceptional circumstance as determined by the AMC Chief Executive Officer or nominee. Such applications must be made in writing, accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate or Statutory Declaration. Please note that a withdrawal due to personal circumstances, such as minor illness or travel arrangements that are the responsibility of the candidate will not be accepted as exceptional circumstances. Any refund granted following consideration, will incur an administrative fee of $300.00.

When will my Clinical examination results be available?

Candidate feedback will be available to download from your candidate portal at 4.00pm on the next Friday, two weeks following the Clinical examination –

  • 1. Log onto AMC candidate account
  • 2. Select Clinical Results (at the top of the menu list)
  • 3. Select the examination under the Details column

Please note: Candidates will continue to receive results letters via post, an official AMC result letter and those candidates who have passed will receive a Certificate Request Form.