Clinical examination resources

National Inpatient Medication Chart

Candidate instructions for the National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) and National Prescribing Curriculum (NPC)

Clinical examination specifications

The Clinical Examination Specifications booklet contains guidelines and specifications to assist candidates for the AMC Clinical Examination.

The guidelines contain information about:

  • the format and content of the examination
  • the levels of clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes required to satisfy the requirements of the examination
  • the areas and topics covered in the examination
  • preparing for the examination
  • suggested reading lists for the examination.

Download the AMC Clinical Examination Specifications (V3.0, 16 January 2019)

In its process of conducting continual review of the AMC Clinical Examination, the AMC’s Board of Examiners has agreed that one of the key changes to be reflected in this update is removal of reference to the terminology ‘critical error’ throughout the AMC Clinical Examination scoring system.

The removal of the terminology ‘critical error’ will have no bearing on your performance throughout each station/domain, as should you still make serious omissions or errors, incorrect diagnosis, inadequate explanations, failure to respond to prompts, dangerous or life-threatening practice, your performance against that individual domain will be scored as very unsatisfactory, which constitutes a fail.

Suggested textbooks

You can purchase AMC textbooks from our online store and view other helpful publications in the suggested reading list.

Bridging courses

The AMC provides information about bridging courses providers as a service to candidates. The AMC does not endorse or accredit individual bridging programs. The bridging course listing on the AMC website is provided as an information service only. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check that the information is correct, and that the aims of the course match the candidate’s requirements.