Clinical examination fees

The fee for the clinical examination will be payable at the time the candidate schedules for an examination session.

Once payment has been made, a placement letter will be available for download via the candidate portal. The clinical examination fees are available on the fees and charges web page.

For candidates paying by cheque a placement letter will be available for download via the candidate portal once payment has been received and processed.

If a candidate decides they are unable to take the Clinical examination once scheduled, they must submit a Withdrawal Form. Please click here to obtain the Clinical examination Withdrawal Form.

Once you have been scheduled in the Clinical examination and then subsequently withdraw, there will be no refund – except in an exceptional circumstance as determined by the AMC Chief Executive Officer or nominee. Such applications must be made in writing, accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate or Statutory Declaration. Please note that a withdrawal due to personal circumstances, such as minor illness or travel arrangements that are the responsibility of the candidate will not be accepted as exceptional circumstances. Any refund granted following consideration, will incur an administrative fee of $300.00

Payment options

Candidates have the following payment option:

  • credit card—Visa and MasterCard only

Payments must be in Australian dollars by one of the options listed above. Cash will not be accepted.