Clinical examination scheduling

Candidates who were scheduled in the postponed examinations between March and June 2020 will receive priority scheduling based on the date and chronological order of their originally scheduled examination. To be eligible, candidates must not have withdrawn their position and must still be residing in Australia. Scheduling will be offered based on the order of the originally scheduled examinations.

The AMC will shortly commence contacting these candidates with newly available examination dates, determine if the date is at a suitable time, and agree acceptance with the candidate (or not). The AMC will reschedule the candidate to the new examination date which will then appear on their candidate portal.

If candidates are unable to attend the offered examination date, these candidates will continue to receive priority for upcoming examinations as they are made available and until a suitable date can be found. This will continue until scheduling returns to normal when these candidates have been offered an opportunity to attempt the examination and scheduling becomes more broadly available to other candidates.

Ongoing examinations

Following the pilot examinations, it is intended that the online examinations will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday most weeks. This format will accommodate all candidates that have had their examinations cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Candidates that will be offered positions in these examinations will start receiving invitations.

Withdraw from clinical examination

Once candidates have been scheduled in the clinical examination and then subsequently withdraw, there will be no refund – except in an exceptional circumstance as determined by the AMC Chief Executive Officer or nominee.

To withdraw, a candidate must submit a Withdrawal Form.