AMC updates accreditation procedures to align terminology across the regulated health professions

The AMC has approved minor wording changes to its procedures for accreditation of medical programs as a result of a project on consistent accreditation terminology undertaken by all the accreditation authorities for the 15 regulated health professions.

As the accreditation authority for the medical profession under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, the AMC is a member of the Health Professions Accreditation Collaborative Forum, a coalition of the accreditation authorities operating under the National Law.

In response to feedback from accreditation stakeholders, the Forum has been examining the terminology used by accreditation authorities to describe their accreditation decisions and major accreditation events and working towards common terminology that aligns with that used in the National Law.

The AMC has standard accreditation procedures that apply to all its accreditation processes, which include: medical school, intern training accreditation authority, specialist medical program, workplace based assessment program and pre-employment clinical interview provider accreditation.  The procedures are customized to reflect the specific accreditation context. Following the Forum project, in October 2019, the AMC made a small number of minor changes to all of its accreditation procedures to bring them into line with the terminology endorsed by the Forum.

A list of agreed Forum terminology is available on the Forum website.

Revised AMC accreditation procedures are available here.