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Key messages:

  1. COVID 19 has affected Australian medical education and accreditation activities through its impact on health services and systems, clinicians, and medical education providers
  2. The AMC is involved in a partnership to identify and review the impact of COVID 19 on Australian specialist medical training
  3. The project will generate invaluable knowledge regarding specialist medical education and training, including challenges and innovations during the COVID-19 pandemic, which can further inform the National Medical Workforce Strategy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us rethink the way we live and has broadly affected health. There have been global disruptions to health systems, health care provision and the spectrum of medical education. The Australian Medical Council has partnered with the Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges to deliver a project for the Health Workforce Division of the Australian Government Department of Health to consider the impact of COVID-19 on Australian specialist medical training.

The project entails separate and collaborative work by the AMC and the CPMC. The CPMC’s work is described on its website. The AMC’s phase of the work focusses on review and analysis of its accreditation findings before and during the COVID pandemic, and on providing resources to support innovation and good practice in assessment. This work commenced in February 2021 and is expected to conclude in June 2021.

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Key messages:

  1. Health professionals require key skills, knowledge and attributes in digital health.
  2. The AMC has partnered with the Australian Digital Health Agency to develop Australian thought leadership and a medical digital health capabilities framework
  3. Project outcomes will support a digitally capable Australian medical workforce and medical education and accreditation.

Advances in technology have shaped medical practice in the modern era. The advent of artificial intelligence augmented decision-making and support across all professions and fields, including health, will pose challenges and opportunities for the health workforce of the future. Technological change has significant implications for the development of skills, knowledge and attributes of health professionals. This has prompted the Australian Medical Council and the Australian Digital Health Agency to collaborate on a project addressing thought leadership in digital health and inter-professional digital capabilities.

Project outcomes are a Horizon paper to identify and describe priorities for innovation initiatives, a Medical Professional Forum to engage with stakeholders to highlight best practice in medical education incorporating digital health capabilities and thought leadership, and a digital capability framework for medical practitioners. The project is expected to conclude June 2021. This work is expected to support medical education across the continuum and ensure a digitally capable Australian medical workforce.

The project is presently running four online stakeholder workshops on Building a digitally capable medical workforce. The workshops cover: the current state; an eye to the future – the case for change; a framework to take us forward; and next steps – where to from here. The workshops run in two hour sessions, from March to May.

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The Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) are conducting a consultation with peak bodies across the medical education continuum and other stakeholders of health about a new proposed framework for Building a Digitally Capable Medical Workforce. This framework aligns closely with the National Digital Workforce and Education Roadmap which was launched by the Agency in 2020.

In this consultation, we seek your feedback on the principles underpinning good practice design in capability frameworks in medical education. We also provide you with the opportunity to give feedback on a proposed evidence based framework for digital health capabilities in medicine.

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The full report on synthesis of evidence is also available below for those of you who would like to have a deeper understanding of the thinking underpinning this work. This full report is provided in the interests of transparency and for those with an academic interest in this area. It is not required reading to engage in this consultation or to complete the consultation survey.

Click here to view the Synthesis of Evidence and Recommendations for a Capability Framework in Digital Health in Medicine report

We are also keen to know if you are interested in participating in further consultation activities including focus groups.

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This consultation will be open from Friday 23 April – Friday 21 May 2021.