Good Medical Practice: Professionalism Ethics and Law

Good Medical Practice: Professionalism, Ethics and Law, 4th Edition (2016) by Professor Kerry Breen, Professor Stephen Cordner and Professor Colin Thomson, provides information that is central to the professional, ethical and legal requirements of being a doctor. The book is not a medical law academic textbook. Instead, it addresses in a pragmatic way the everyday professional, ethical and legal issues that most doctors will face at some time in their practices.

The AMC publishes this book as it provides a clearly written source of valuable information for medical students, doctors in training and international medical graduates seeking to practise in Australia.

A summary of the main topics in the book is available here, short extracts from each of the chapters can be viewed by clicking on the links shown below:

Table of Contents



      Chapter 1 – Introduction: good medical practice in a changing environment

      Chapter 2 – On being a good doctor: professionalism and the art and science of medicine

      Chapter 3 – Ethical principles for the medical profession

      Chapter 4 – Ethical and legal responsibilities of medical students

      Chapter 5 – Communication in clinical practice

      Chapter 6 – Consent and informed decision making

      Chapter 7 – Confidentiality, privacy and disclosure

      Chapter 8 – Medical records, reports and certificates

      Chapter 9 – Negligence, professional liability and adverse events

      Chapter 10 – The regulation of the medical profession

      Chapter 11 – Health – care complaints systems

      Chapter 12 – Sexual and other boundaries

      Chapter 13 – Personal health of the doctor: illness and impairment

      Chapter 14 – Patient safety and maintenance of clinical competence

      Chapter 15 – Resource allocation and rationing in health care

      Chapter 16 – The Australian health-care system

      Chapter 17 – The doctor and interprofessional relationships

      Chapter 18 – Entering and leaving practice and practice management

      Chapter 19 – Doctors, industry and conflicts of interest

      Chapter 20 – Medical research

      Chapter 21 – Prescribing and administering drugs

      Chapter 22 – Diagnosing and certifying death and the role of the coroner

      Chapter 23 – Births, assisted reproductive technology, family law and child protection

      Chapter 24 – Termination of pregnancy and related issues

      Chapter 25 – End-of-life care

      Chapter 26 – The law and people with mental illness

      Chapter 27 – The law and courts in Australia

      Chapter 28 – Medicolegal examinations and reports, court procedures and expert evidence

      Chapter 29 – Other legislation relevant to medical practice

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