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The AMC is now formally consulting on the scope of the review with stakeholders. The proposed scope was set through environmental scanning, creating an evidence base and testing ideas. Initial evaluation activities informing the scope of the review indicate it will be a comprehensive review of all components. Information about the review process can be found here.


How does this relate to the COAG Review of Medical Intern Training?
In 2018, Health Ministers’ released their response to the 2015 COAG Review of Medical Intern Training. The AMC will consider the findings of that review, and take account of recommendations endorsed by Health Ministers. New South Wales, is the jurisdiction leading national implementation of key recommendations, including the plans for a two-year Capability and Performance Framework. The AMC supports this development, and AMC work will be informed by these plans.


Review communiques, including formal consultation documents will be provided here.

August 2019

October 2019

How can I engage in the review? 

Further information about engaging in the review process can be found here.