AMC seeking feedback on national intern assessment processes

In January 2014, a new national framework for medical internship took effect. This framework includes a national registration standard on granting general registration to Australian and New Zealand medical graduates on completion of internship ( as well as national standards, guidelines and forms on intern training.

A new national assessment process for interns is part of this framework. The process includes national guidelines, Intern training – Assessing and certifying completion and a nationally available term assessment form Intern training – Term assessment form.

These documents have been available to use in intern assessment and remediation processes since the beginning of 2014. The AMC is evaluating the national assessment process to help improve the guidelines and term assessment form for 2015. The evaluation process will include an online survey which will be distributed to health services in June 2014.

The AMC particularly encourages early adopters of the new term assessment form to participate in this evaluation. More information is provided here.