Specialist Pathway

The Specialist Pathway is for international medical graduates (IMGs) in one of the following categories:

  • overseas-trained specialists applying for assessment of comparability to the standard of a specialist trained in that specialty in Australia (specialist recognition)
  • overseas-trained specialists applying for an area of need specialist level position in Australia (area of need)
  • overseas-trained specialists or specialists-in-training wishing to undertake a short period of specialist or advanced training in Australia.


IMGs who have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery from a training institution recognised by the AMC and have satisfied all the training and examination requirements to practise in their field of specialty in their country of training, can apply for assessment under this pathway (specialist recognition or area of need).

To be eligible for short-term training, the IMG must have completed their training or be no more than two years away from completing their specialist training overseas.

Primary source verification

Before applying for the Specialist Pathway, IMGs must apply to the AMC for primary source verification of their qualifications through ECFMG's Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC).

Applications submitted by 30 September 2015

The AMC will process qualifications submitted as part of either the Standard Pathway or Primary Source Verification applications to ECFMG for EICS verification.

Applications submitted from 1 October 2015

IMGs are required to submit medical qualifications directly to ECFMG’s Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) for verification, but also complete an AMC online application to establish an AMC portfolio.

Learn more about primary source verification.

Medical registration

The outcome of a specialist medical college’s assessment of applications made for any category associated with the Specialist Pathway will determine the type of registration an IMG may apply for through the Medical Board of Australia (the Board), which makes the final decision on whether to grant registration.

Short-term training process

An internationally qualified specialist or international specialist-in-training can undertake short-term training in Australia without having to obtain an AMC Certificate or to undergo a full comparability assessment by the relevant specialist medical college.

  • The IMG applies directly to ECFMG’s Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) for verification of medical qualifications.
  • The IMG applies online to the AMC to establish an AMC portfolio.
  • The IMG applies directly to the relevant college for a training position by using the form AAMC–30 Application for assessment by a medical college, available on the Board's website.
  • The specialist medical college assesses the suitability of the training position for the applicant.
  • The IMG applies to the Board for limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice.