Fees and charges from 1 January 2016

Fees listed are in Australian dollars; all are GST free.

Assessment pathway application fees AUD $
Prior to the implementation of EPIC on 1 October 2015, the AMC Directors approved changes to candidate fees starting in January 2016. The changes were based on CPI, exchange rates, etc.

With the implementation of EPIC, the AMC has now improved the fee structure for the benefit of candidates by removing the additional $500 application fee for three or more qualifications. Candidates will now pay only one application fee to establish an AMC portfolio, and then a smaller fee for adding separate qualifications.

While the changes to AMC fees will still require review in January 2016 for the related CPI and exchange rate differences, the AMC will be further reviewing the improved fee structure for candidates during the transition to EPIC.
Incomplete documentation 130
CAT MCQ examination fees AUD $
CAT MCQ examination authorisation 2,720
Reissue of results 70
Verification of CAT MCQ examination results 75
Cancellation of CAT MCQ examination authorisation 1,360
Clinical examination fees AUD $
Clinical examination 3,530
Clinical retest examination 2,000
Withdrawal after placement letter is available 50% refund
Withdrawal after examination closing date No refund
Reissue of results 70
Appeal fee 215
Workplace-based assessment fees AUD $
Workplace-based assessment 650
Certificate fees AUD $
AMC Certificate (Competent Authority Pathway) 300
Reissue of AMC Certificate 70
Copy of Advanced Standing Certificate 70
Reprint of EICS Certificate 70