Workplace-based assessment (Standard Pathway) FAQs

What is workplace-based assessment?

Workplace-based assessment tests a doctor's performance in everyday clinical practice. The Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment) allows you to complete the clinical component of your assessment in a workplace setting rather than through the AMC Clinical Examination.

How do I know whether I am eligible for the Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment)?

You are eligible to apply to the AMC for assessment through the Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment), if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have authorised the AMC to begin the primary source verification process through the EICS.
  • You have passed the AMC CAT MCQ Examination (onshore or offshore).
  • You have obtained limited registration from the Medical Board of Australia.
  • You are working in an AMC-accredited workplace-based assessment program.

You can begin a workplace-based assessment program before the EICS primary source verification process has been completed, but the AMC will not issue you with the AMC Certificate before it is completed.

If I am registered (under area of need or similar provisions) and employed, can I take part in the workplace based assessment program?

If you have sat and passed the AMC CAT MCQ Examination (onshore or offshore) and you are employed in a clinical position at an AMC accredited workplace-based assessment authority, you are eligible to apply for workplace-based assessment. The accredited authority has the final responsibility for offering places in its workplace-based assessment program.

Why is workplace-based assessment available at so few sites?

The workplace-based assessment pathway is a relatively new development. At present only a limited number of authorities have been accredited to undertake workplace-based assessment on a pilot basis. If the pilot programs prove to be successful, the AMC hopes that other authorities will apply to have similar programs approved.

Find out more about how your employer (hospital) can become an accredited authority by contacting us at .

Do I have to be working in a clinical position to be eligible for workplace-based assessment?

Yes. The workplace-based assessment option is available only to international medical graduates already working in clinical positions at AMC-accredited sites.

If I cannot get a clinical position or limited registration with the Medical Board of Australia, can I sit for the AMC Clinical Examination?

Yes. The Standard Pathway (AMC examinations) is available to you if you satisfy the eligibility requirements.

If I am working in a non-clinical position in the health sector, am I eligible for workplace-based assessment?

No. You must be working in a clinical position. If you are working in a clinical position, you can proceed through either the Standard Pathway (AMC examinations) or, where available, through the AMC Standard Pathway (workplace-based assessment).

Can I apply for the AMC Clinical Examination once I have started the workplace-based assessment program?

No. Once you have paid for and started the workplace-based assessment program, you cannot apply for the AMC Clinical Examination. If you withdraw from the workplace-based assessment program, you can apply to sit for the clinical examination or reapply to do workplace-based assessment at a later date. Withdrawal fees may apply depending on the time you withdraw from either program (workplace-based assessment or clinical examination).

How much will it cost?

The cost of completing the workplace-based assessment varies for the different authorities. Please check with your employing authority to determine the cost of the assessment.

Where authorities have implemented their own assessment fee, there is also an additional AMC fee. You can find out the current AMC fee by emailing . Be sure to include in your email the name of the authority that will be employing you.

For authorities who have yet to implement their own assessment fee, the cost of completing the workplace-based assessment for the Standard Pathway will be the same as the current fee for the AMC Clinical Examination.

Do I get the AMC Certificate if I pass the workplace-based assessment program?

Yes. If you pass the workplace-based assessment program at an AMC-accredited site, you will receive an AMC Certificate once the results have been verified by an AMC examiner results subgroup and all other eligibility requirements have been met.

If I fail the workplace-based assessment, can I reapply?

If you fail the workplace-based assessment, you may be able to reapply to the accredited authority to repeat it, provided you continue to be registered by the Medical Board of Australia. Alternatively, you can apply or reapply to the AMC to sit for the AMC Clinical Examination.

If I do my workplace-based assessment in one state, is it recognised in another state?

Satisfactory completion of the workplace-based assessment and award of the AMC Certificate will be recognised in all states for registration purposes. Partial completion cannot be recognised in another accredited workplace-based assessment site.