EICS verification FAQs

What is the role of the EICS in my application for medical registration?

The EICS is an international authority on medical qualifications that conducts the primary source verification of medical credentials required by the Medical Board of Australia and by similar regulatory bodies in other countries. This process ensures that the formal qualifications submitted in support of an application for registration and genuine and were issued to the applicant by the awarding institution.

What if my medical credentials have been previously submitted to the ECFMG?

If your medical credentials have been submitted previously to the ECFMG for the purposes of taking the USMLE/ECFMG exams or receiving a Standard ECFMG Certificate, you must still submit copies to the AMC. The AMC will request EICS verification from the ECFMG.

  • If your credentials have been verified previously by ECFMG and are consistent with copies submitted with your EICS application, EICS will accept the ECFMG verifications in lieu of sending new verification requests to your institutions.
  • If your credentials have been submitted previously to ECFMG but not verified, EICS will send new copies of your credentials for verification.

Please remember to include your EICS/USMLE number in your AMC application form.

What medical credentials does the EICS verify?

EICS seeks primary source verification of primary and specialist qualifications. You may wish to contact the Medical Board of Australia if you are unsure which credential requires EICS verification for your registration requirements.

Do I have to submit original or certified documents with my application?

Yes. You must submit original documents or certified copies of your original documents. Certified copies must be complete and legible. Oversized documents should be copied to maximum A3-size. Documents should be one full copy and not taped/stapled/glued together.

Do I need to submit translations for documents in a language other than English?

Yes. You must submit English translations, prepared and signed by an authorised translation service, of credentials in a language other than English. The translator's details and signature must be on the translated page.

How long does the EICS verification process take?

The time it takes to complete the EICS verification process depends on the internal processing times of the institutions that issued your credentials. You are advised to contact your institutions and request that they promptly complete and return verifications to the ECFMG. You should read the section on processing delays, which contains information on training institutions that have a record of slow or non-existent responses to requests.

What if my institution has a fee for verification of my credentials?

You are responsible for payment of verification fees imposed by your institution. The AMC will notify you if payment of a fee is required by your institution for completion of EICS verification forms and inform you of the payment details.

Can I take the EICS verification forms to my institutions?

No. To maintain the integrity of the verification process, EICS verification forms are sent directly to and received directly from the issuing institutions. Verification forms cannot be provided to physicians, family members, or friends for the purpose of delivery to or retrieval from issuing institutions.

Can I speed up the verification of my credentials?

EICS verification requests are sent via airmail and include pre-paid international business reply envelopes. To arrange for the ECFMG to send your credential verification requests to their issuing institutions via courier service, you will need to provide the AMC with a courier service account number. The ECFMG will not accept credit card information for payment of courier shipment fees. The ECFMG will email the courier service tracking numbers to the AMC once verifications have been sent. Please confirm with your courier service that destination institutions are within their service areas. EICS will only courier your credential verification requests one-way. You must contact your institutions to arrange for courier service shipment back to the ECFMG.

Will I receive a copy of my EICS verification certificate?

The AMC will issue and mail your EICS verification certificate to the address recorded on the AMC candidate tracking system at the time of the verification. You must ensure that the AMC has your most recent address.

How long do EICS verifications remain valid?

There is no expiration date for EICS verifications.