Proof of identity

All applicants for medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia will be required to satisfy the Proof of Identity Requirements of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to obtain medical registration.

The AMC has developed its own proof of identity requirements for doctors applying from overseas for assessment through the AMC, because it recognises that some applicants cannot meet some of the AHPRA identification requirements.

Acceptable documents

You must provide a copy of personal details and signature pages of your passport on your AMC portfolio, If your passport does not have a signature, you are required to submit one of the following current/valid documents as secondary identification with your passport:

  • a copy of your driver's licence (must be signed); OR
  • a copy of your credit/debit card (front and back, must be signed); OR
  • a statutory declaration to confirm all variances of your signature (see below).

You must submit a statutory declaration setting out the reasons for any of the following:

  • your passport, drivers licence or credit/debit card has no signature
  • the signature on your passport, drivers licence or credit card/debit is different from the signature on your application form (declare your preferred signature for use on AMC records)
  • any of your documents show a previous name (explain all name variations and state your preferred name for use on AMC records).

Passport requirements

The passport page(s) uploaded to your AMC portfolio must contain the following information:

  • name
  • nationality
  • date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • sex
  • place and country of birth
  • photograph
  • expiry date (must be a current/valid passport)
  • passport number
  • signature

Photo requirements

You must upload a current passport-sized colour photo with your AMC portfolio.

All passport-sized photos must be:

  • full colour 
  • 35-40 mm wide and 45-50 mm long 
  • good quality - high resolution 
  • sharply focused (not blurred) 
  • not too dark and not too light 
  • not scanned or homemade 
  • current - no more than 6 months old 
  • unmarked (no ink or marks on the edge) 
  • in front of a plain light coloured background 
  • full-front view of head and shoulders with eyes open and clearly visible 
  • Joint Photoic Experts Group (JPEG) format 

All photos submitted to the AMC must be updated every TWO years. 

The AMC Certificate (once passed both AMC examinations) will include the photo you submit, therefore, it should represent a true likeness and of good quality.