Clinical examination results

Results for the clinical examination are available at 9.00am on the Friday following the examination. Results are shown by candidate reference number to comply with Commonwealth privacy legislation.

The results will remain on the website for approximately four weeks.

17-10-04M Melbourne NTC 4 October 2017
17-10-05M Melbourne NTC 5 October 2017
17-10-12M Melbourne NTC 12 October 2017
17-10-13M Melbourne NTC 13 October 2017
17-10-14M Melbourne NTC 14 October 2017
17-10-14T Townsville 14 October 2017
17-11-09M Melbourne NTC 9 November 2017
17-11-10M Melbourne NTC 10 November 2017
17-11-11MR Melbourne NTC Retest 11 November 2017