Notification on the AMC Clinical examination scoring

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) Directors have recently approved the removal of the compulsory station passing requirement from the AMC Clinical Examination, and have reduced the number of stations that are counted in scoring of candidates.

The compulsory station passing requirement previously required at least one pass in a Child Health station and one pass in a Women's Health station to pass the overall clinical examination. This will no longer be a requirement, although stations in Child Health and Women's Health will remain in the examination.

Candidates will still rotate through a series of 20 stations (including 4 rest stations that do not form part of the assessment) undertaking a variety of clinical tasks. The 4 rest stations allow candidates an opportunity to have a break at predetermined intervals.

The 16 stations assessed will include two pilot stations, which are stations that have not previously been used in a clinical examination. As with the AMC Multiple-Choice-Question (MCQ) examination and pilot questions, the clinical examination pilot stations will not be identified to candidates during the examination.

Candidates' performance will be determined by reference to 14 stations. In most cases these will be the 14 stations that are not pilot stations. However, if the AMC determines that an issue has arisen with one or two of those stations which means it is preferable not to use that station in scoring candidates, and that in all the circumstances it is appropriate to use one or both of the pilot stations for scoring candidates, then the AMC may substitute one or both of the pilot stations for the other station or stations. If this occurs, scoring of candidates will continue to be by reference to 14 stations.

The new policy is effective from examinations commencing in February 2018.

In summary the new Clinical examination scoring model from the February 2018 examinations will be as follows:

CLEAR PASS = 11/14

RETEST = 10/14 OR 9/14

FAIL = 8 or less/14

* No requirement to pass at least one Child Health or Women's Health station.

* There will be 4 rest stations

The current clinical retest examination standard will remain as 6/8 stations for a PASS. No pilot stations will be used in the retest examination.

Results published on the AMC Website

From the commencement of examinations in 2018, the AMC will use its best endeavours to have results for all clinical examinations available on the AMC website at 5:00pm on the Friday two weeks following your examination. Candidate results letters and feedback will also be forwarded on this day. Where it is necessary to delay notification of results a notice will be placed on the AMC website.

Results on the AMC website are shown by candidate reference number in order to comply with Australian Privacy Legislation (Commonwealth). The results will remain on the website for approximately four weeks. Should you have any questions, please contact the AMC Clinical team at

Clinical Examination format

The AMC clinical examination is an integrated multidisciplinary structured clinical assessment consisting of a 16-component multi station assessment.

A retest (additional pass/fail assessment) for candidates with marginal performance will be offered at the next available opportunity.

Candidates will rotate through a series of 20 stations, 16 of which will be assessed, and will undertake a variety of clinical tasks. All candidates in a clinical examination session will be assessed against the same stations.

Rest stations will not be scored, but will provide candidates with an opportunity to have a break between the assessed stations. There are four rest stations in addition to the 16 assessed stations.

Assessment criteria

Stations assess clinical skills in medicine, surgery, child health, women’s health, general practice and mental health. Scoring will be structured, with individual aspects of each station specified under the following broad headings:

  • History taking
  • Examination
  • Diagnostic formulation
  • Management/counselling/education

The structured clinical assessment will make use of examiners from all disciplines.

In the station

Each station will be of 10 minutes duration (including two minutes reading time, and eight minutes for the assessment).

One examiner will be involved in each assessed station.

  • Stations may use real patients, standardised (role-playing) patients, or video patient presentations.
  • Models and other relevant equipment or material such as prescription pads or charts may also be used in the examination.
  • There may also be telephone cases where the candidate is required to either answer an incoming call or make an outgoing call; this will be identified in the candidate instructions prior to entering the station.

For more detailed information on the clinical specifications including mark sheets, click here to download the Clinical Examination Specifications.