Clinical examination events and dates

Commencing with the 2015 AMC Clinical examinations, a new and improved scheduling process will be available to all eligible candidates. The new process, which includes enhancements to the candidate portal and the availability of information, has been designed to assist and improve the candidate experience when scheduling for clinical examinations.

Candidates will be able to view the exact examination dates and the number of available positions for each examination using the new process. Once an examination is open for scheduling, candidates can directly apply for their preferred examination date and select their payment method (credit card or cheque). Once payment has been successfully processed, a placement letter confirming candidate examination details will be available to download via the candidate portal.

Please note for all Clinical examination scheduling in 2018, the scheduling open time will be 10:00am AEDT.

The timeline of the next scheduling of Clinical examinations is shown below.

Application open date 10am AEDT
26 February 2018
Candidates can submit their application form anytime during this period.

Candidates must log onto their AMC Candidate portal to access the online form and select up to 5 exam date preferences.
Application closing date 5pm AEDT
5 March 2018
Scheduling of candidates into examination placements 6 March -
14 March 2018
The Clinical team will schedule candidates accordingly to the Clinical scheduling criteria.
Email notification to candidates to confirm examination placement 15 March 2018 This email will confirm the examination date and venue which candidates have been placed and confirm the next step for making the examination fee payment.
Payment period 16 March – 27 March 2018 (11:59pm AEDT) Candidates must log into their AMC Candidate portal in order to make payment. All payment must be made by the 27 March 2018 (11:59pm AEDT), any payment not made by this date will forfeit the candidate examination placement.